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Why did I never see this episode?!
This is incredibly incredible. :O


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Anybody else tired of the bullshit?

Hooooly crap I would give anything for this camera!! :O


 Nikon D7000 Give Away!  I recently won this by winning a photography competition, but since i’m a semi-professional photographer, and already own a camera better than the D7000, a Nikon D3x (i love my Nikons), i thought I’d give it away, so someone else can share my enjoyment of photography.
Included is everything in the standard D7000 kit:
- Body
- 55-200mm Nikor Lens
- Charger
- SD card (1Gb)
- Computer cable
- Battery
- Strap
- etc. etc.
- everything you will need to go out and start shooting some photos!
- + I will pay for shipping worldwide.
Rules are simple. Just like any other give away you’ve seen on tumblr, you must reblog this post to go into the draw. you are allowed as many reblogs as you like, but ‘likes’ will not count. Also, as with other tumblr give aways, you must be following me: (http://fluctus.tumblr.com/)
Winner will be drawn by random number generator (random number corresponds with winning note number) on the 1st of July, so get rebloging! (make sure your ask boxes are turned on by the 1st, as that is how i shall contact the winner (contact me for help with this if you are unsure how).
those who don’t believe me, and are sending me messages telling me i’m lying, here is a photo of the camera and lens boxes, with my url:
larger image can be seen here .
p.s. check out my friend’s blog: pixelatedtextblog.

Team Chrome all the way! ↘

Oooh wow! I actually drew something. With my tablet. It’s been aaaaaaaages. I figured I’ll try to use this site for inspiration regarding drawing. I have seriously got to get back into it.
Here’s a secret: I haven’t drawn an almost complete image in well over 2 years. :\ I’m going to try my hardest to work past the damages school has done to my drive and love for creating art. 

Mmm, wedding photo porn... ↘

Our Wed-site ↘

So, we’re going to try and keep this as paperless as we can, so here’s a link to our wedding-site. It is here that I’ll update pictures and info as we finalize things. :)

Story of my life. ;_______________;

Well...this is telling. ↘


Amazonia from the sky (by Zé Eduardo…)

This is an incredible picture from our engagement shoot! 

Photos are by Brittney Butler! Makeup is by Alecia Osserman (ask me for her info if you’re interested in her skillz).

It by Kavindu Ade ↘

This bit of slam poetry really brought me to tears.